wordpress website, affordable websiteToday we are going to talk about reasons to choose WordPress. For a start: WordPress is one of the most popular CMS right now and 25% of worldwide websites are using it. It is one of the best content managers existing nowadays as it helps us to create, edit and manage your website. A lot of web designers are using it to build stunning and affordable websites. Let’s have a look at some reasons why people keep choosing it as CMS.

  1. Money saving. WordPress is free to download. It is hard is imagine but this stunning system is indeed free. So if you are confident enough and have watched various YouTube tutorials you can actually create your own website without paying anyone to do so. May be you need a simple blog or a brochure site for you small business and you feel like you know what you are doing: why not try to do it yourself. Moreover WordPress has thousands of free themes and plugins to choose from. And if I have not convinced you yet let me tell you one more thing: WordPress does not require any knowledge of coding. Yep, this is like a piece of cake. So let me get this straight: if you need a simple and fairly basic website you can build it yourself without any extensive knowledge. Hence  I would not be surprised if that was one of the main reasons to choose WordPress. reasons to choose wordpress
  2. You can create any site you wish. Normally when we think of WordPress blogging comes to our mind straight away. However WordPress is quite a powerful system and you can practically build any site you can imagine with it. Just have a look at this list of quite well-known websites which were built in WordPress. All you need is just to choose your niche and start building. 
  3. Updating is easy. In order to have your website function properly it is necessary to keep it updated all the time. One small tip: do not forget to back it up before an update. Hopefully your web designer has installed a decent back up plugin for you or your web hosting keeps your back ups, in this case you are good to go and with one click you can update WordPress, your theme or any plugin you wish. WordPress is quite user friendly and after you examine it for a while you will find your way.
  4. Thousands of themes. Moreover there are a lot of free themes available. However free themes are quite basic and if you wish something more flexible and customisable you need to go for a premium theme. There are various theme markets available where you can get a premium theme which fit will fit your needs. For example if you need a pizza delivery website you can get a theme specially tailored for such occasion.
  5. Thousands of plugins. There are over 55 000 plugins available in the WordPress directory. Plugins help you to add some features to you website. For example you wish to have a booking calendar or to add a custom contact form. Moreover plugins can help you to keep your website optimised.
  6.  Friendly interface. This is one of the most essential reasons to choose WordPress. Although it is quite debatable and some people might argue that at the beginning it is hard to understand how to use a dashboard.  However after you spend some time exploring your options you will get accustomed with the interface and highly likely start actually enjoying your WordPress experience.  Using live editor you can add or edit a page, add new blog posts or media at any time. reasons to choose wordpress, affordable website, wordpress
  7. Mobile responsive websites. WordPress is fully optimised to build a mobile responsive site. Nowadays it is vital to have a website, which works on a mobile device the same way it works on a desktop. 
  8. Security. Every day we hear a story that someone has been hacked. Unfortunately that is a reality and some people might try to get into your website. However WordPress does take care of it. Not only they try to improve the system and make it less prone to hackers’ attacks but there are also security plugins available for you to download and make your website safer. If you wish to learn more about WordPress security and how to make your website as safe as possible visit this in-depth guide “24 WordPress Security Tips to Protect Your Site from Hackers”. affordable website, reasons to choose wordpress
  9. SEO integration is also one of the essential reasons to choose WordPress. We have all heard about search engine optimisation. If you want to rank high you need to have a good SEO strategy. Hence it would be surprising if WordPress have not thought of that too. One of the most popular plugins Yoast SEO has over 5 million downloads. The plugin is free to use, although it does have a pro version with some extra features. However with a free version you can easily integrate SEO methods into your websiteaffordable website, reasons to choose wordpress