website vs social media

Website vs social media? Many people might be wondering why they need a website if they already run successful social media accounts on such popular platforms as Facebook or Instagram. That is a valid question. I will try to give you just a handful of reasons, which might or might not make you to consider invest your time or your money on a website for your business.

          Business Website vs Social Media battle

  • On a website you can introduce your business properly as you can add as much detailed information as you wish in one place, so it would make easier for your customers to find what they are looking for.
  • You can go even further and create FAQ, so your customers will not need to ask unnecessary questions over and over again as you have already answered them at great length.
  • With a website it is possible to create an online booking/appointment system. Thus it will simplify your business process considerably as everything will be done automatically while you only have to check your notifications on time.
  • You can create a stunning photo gallery to showcase your work. Everything will be in one place and your customers will find it more convenient to look at and enjoy.
  • Blogs. Nowadays blogs are important part of any business as search engines do take them into account while ranking websites, so it is essential to have one. If you have nothing to write about just post news and offers.
  • Social media makes it sound easy to find a client. However think how many people do not have a Facebook or Instagram account and they all could be your potential customers as they without any doubts use search engines to find a business which has a website.

      Online shop

  • For an e-commerce store website is especially important as it helps you in so many ways.
  • Categorise all your products. Add various prices for different sizes/colours ect. Put as much information and images as you wish.
  • Add various payment getaways, calculate taxes, shipping rates.
  • Automatically create and print/receipts. Send them by email.
  • Send customers update on their order.
  • In general make the whole buying/selling process so much easier as for customers as for a business owner.
  • Create best rated/best selling products.

These are just few reasons to consider whether you need a website or not. Hence I sincerely hope that I have managed if not to convince you in such battle as a website vs social media but at least to look from different prospective. But in no way I want to encourage anyone to abandon their social accounts and start relying only on one source. The more the better. Just do not forget to link them all. Anyway you know there to find me here or on Facebook or Instagram.